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Oxyburn Compression Sportswear

Oxyburn Shop is a newly founded online webshop that exclusively offers products from the Sport Clothing brand Oxyburn. We are specialized in sportswear that offers more then your usual work-out outfit. Oxyburn offers Sports Clothing like shirts, longsleeves, shorts, socks and sports-accessories of high quality. By using specific technologies and various degrees of compression in their products you will have an increase in performance and recovery for all types of sports.

Sports Shirts and Shorts that boost performance

Ever feel like there is more to gain from your training? With the sports clothes from Oxyburn you will noticably gain comfort and performance due to smart use of technology and compression. Oxyburn shirts for men or women offer the very best for your body. Move freely and take advantage of the many benefits this brand has to offer. Curious? Read more about the technologies used in our sports shirts and longsleeves.

The Ultimate Sports Socks. Period.

Be sure to check out the Oxyburn Sports Socks we offer in our shop. We really believe that taking good care of your feet is one of the most crucial parts for every sports man or woman. Socks by Oxyburn offer the perfect combination of compression and technologies. We offer a wide variety of socks for different kinds of sports and purposes. Look us up for your new favorite Running Socks, Thermo Socks and Ski socks. Your won’t regret it.

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We strive to protect the information of our customers with utmost care and will never share any personal data with others. is member of an online shopping referee that makes sure we operate in accordance to European Laws and guidelines for webshops. Curious to what others think of us? Read the reviews we have recieved from loyal customers.