No idea what to wear when you go hiking in the mountains? Walking or running for a longer period of time causes many temperature changes in your body. Oxyburn’s thermo compression clothing protects you in the open air and keeps your body dry. Don’t worry about blisters or tendon injuries any more thanks to the technology in our compression socks and underwear. Our outdoor sportswear keeps your body dry and reduces muscle fatigue so you can walk / hiccup longer and carefree.

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Axo Shorts Pant Show Compression Pants Oxyburn 5013

64.95 incl. tax

Beany Cap Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9015

25.95 incl. tax

Bottle Cover Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9210

25.95 incl. tax

Climb Compression Sleeves Oxyburn 1506

19.95 incl. tax

Haley Pant 3/4 Show Compression Pants Oxyburn 5014

66.95 incl. tax

Hiking Short-Cut Toning Compression Socks Oxyburn 1269

15.95 incl. tax

Kim Sleeveless Women Compression Shirt Oxyburn 7700

34.95 incl. tax

Kylyan Thigh Pant Energizer Compression Pants Oxyburn 5012

59.95 incl. tax

Multisport Low-Cut Sports Socks Oxyburn 1201

12.55 incl. tax

Oxyburn Multifunctional Tubular Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9000

13.95 incl. tax

Raptor Balaclava Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9020

27.95 incl. tax

Razor Extreme Performance Compression Sleeves Oxyburn 1636

30.95 incl. tax

Sweatband Cuffs Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9200

14.95 incl. tax

Visor Ultra-Light Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9050

27.95 incl. tax

X-Race Shirtsleeve Aero-Lite Pro T-Shirt Oxyburn 6008

79.95 incl. tax

Y-Ear Headband Sports Accessories Oxyburn 9010

15.95 incl. tax

Multisport Half-Cut Compression Socks Oxyburn 1203

13.95 incl. tax

Kate Shirtsleeve Women Compression Shirt Oxyburn 7710

39.95 incl. tax

Multisport Short-Cut Sports Socks Oxyburn 1202

13.95 incl. tax

Boost Evobright Sleeves Energizer Compression Leg Sleeve Oxyburn 1630

25.95 incl. tax