Why Compression?

Why use compression socks and underwear for sports? To provide muscles with more energy, reduce vibrations, and prevent the onset of cramps. These three factors allow an athlete to enjoy themselves more and increase performance by reducing the risk of injury. Compression socks and underwear work by applying progressively graduated pressure from the extremities to the heart, relieving muscle strain and promoting venous flow. This reduces fatigue and improves muscle oxygenation, thus providing the athlete with more energy and faster postperformance muscle tone recovery. When muscle contracts, veins compress. Blood is moved and pumped back to the heart. Venous valves ensure that blood flows in only one direction. Compression speeds up and helps muscle to perform this action with considerable energy savings.

Light Compression – Toning

Light graduated compression obtained from the tissue structure with a pressure with decreasing values from the extremities of the body to the heart. Relieves the conditions of fatigue and heaviness, favoring the circulatory flow resulting in mitigation of possible swelling and tingling, increases the tone by reducing muscle vibration even the masses are not directly subject to contractions.

Medium Compression – Energizer

Active gradual compression that aid and increases gradually the speed of blood flow, extending the oxygen supply to the muscles and improving the total performance and a recovery after the provision of the muscular tonicity faster.

High Compression – Performance

Technology compressive acting on the muscle in a coherent, continuous and effective, reducing the diameter of the veins “pushing” the de-oxygenated blood to the heart and allowing the arterial walls to relax and increase the ossigenatura of muscles. More oxygen means more energy then better performance. Designed for medium/long distances, where the muscle is fatigued and stressed strongly allows the athlete to exceed your limits and achieve superior performance by delaying the formation of lactic acid. Graduated compression progressive level iii, the narrower end of the body decreases in the direction of the muscles.

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